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Tournesol Siteworks, LLC
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  Fax: 510-471-6243


Tournesol Siteworks, LLC
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FairWeather Site Furnishings, a Tournesol Siteworks Company

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Tournesol Siteworks acquired FairWeather Site Furnishings in January 2017. We manufacture a full range of products to enable landscapes on, in and around buildings. We intend, as a company, to be a major provider of products for the urban environment.

Our complete range of commercial-grade siteworks enhance a building and its environment with fully integrated landscape solutions. We manufacture lightweight pots, planters and site furnishings in FRP fiberglass, GFRC concrete and thermoplastic materials, and lead the industry with groundbreaking Container Irrigation Systems to match. Our broad pallet of innovative solutions for commercial living walls are helping us to the forefront of this rapidly expanding business. Our tested solutions for hanging planters from buildings and lining built-in place planters provides the basis for our green building components.

We design and work together with international partners, fabricating benches, bollards, tables, trash receptacles, recyclers and bike racks in cutting-edge as well as traditional designs. Our site furnishing products are fabricated with steel, recycled plastic, wood and/or cast iron to complement public places.

No matter the product, you can count on Tournesol Siteworks’ commitment to quality. Every product is fully supported with all-around service. Our in-house sales team will help identify the best solution for the project, while our regional representatives help ensure that the solution chosen works in the building environment and continues to meet with satisfaction from installation and beyond.

Our headquarters is in Union City, CA, not far from the San Francisco Bay, with facilities in Port Orchard, WA, El Paso, TX, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. We work with landscape architects, architects, and designers in solving their landscape problems on commercial and high-end residential projects. Our container irrigation products are sold through wholesale distributors and marketing partners. We sell our other products either through distribution channels or directly to the commercial marketplace, depending on the scope and scale of the project.

Tournesol Siteworks acquired FairWeather Site Furnishings in January 2017. FairWeather has produced commercial quality benches, trash receptacles, planters, picnic tables, bike racks, bollards and dozens of other site-scape products, since 1981.

Our products stand the tests of strength, durability and visual appeal. Our cast end frames are cast produced with ductile iron, an iron with a chemical composition providing great strength and resistance to breaking. The end frames (and center frames where applicable) are also very sturdy, weighing from 55 to 69 pounds each depending on the model. Many of the cast end frames currently on the market are either lightweight and /or gray iron (which can easily break) and have no surface preparation prior to the finish application. The end-result can be attractive but often will not stand up to the demands of commercial use.

Our bollard line provides an attractive means of traffic and pedestrian control. Standard bollard mountings are removable, permanent embed or surface mount. Removable bollards offer a visual deterrent and provide easy removal for emergency access. These bollards are available in schedule 10, with a 5-inch pipe. We also offer schedule 40 for the 4 inch bollards and .188 wall for the 8 inch bollards. Other options include lockwell and receiver covers. Options for permanent bollards include standard or extra heavy pipe for increased strength and security. Permanent bollards are available in schedule 10, 40, or 80 and .188 wall thickness and various pipe lengths.

Our powder coating is the standard finish used on all our metal components, except the bollard receivers, receiver covers and lock well covers which are galvanized for in-ground protection. Our standard colors are formulated with polyester TGIC powder which is the best formulation for products residing outdoors because of its resistance to UV light. We use the industry standard 5 step preparation process, which includes a non-chromate alkaline cleaner and an iron phosphate treatment (environmentally friendly), followed with an acidic sealer for maximum adhesion. NOTE: Coating is a minimum of 4 mils thick. Thicker coatings tend to have less resiliency and consequently will be more prone to chipping.

Our products also can be fabricated on request to meet the “Buy America” provisions from the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 and meet all aspects of the ASTM A615M Specifications.

More than a decade ago, FairWeather invented a series of LED lighted products, filed dozens of U.S. and Canadian design and utility patents that have all been issued. In 2014, FairWeather introduced several unique new downlight bollards using its own designed LED modules. These products will be sold through the FairWeather Site Furnishings division.

LED is the light of the future and while FairWeather was nearly a decade ahead of the modern-day LED chip we are now poised to continue our leadership role in providing unique and timely designs for the site-scape market.

Ask about our Downlight Bollards with New Area Lighting LED’s

The company’s manufacturing capability is very unique. Through its self-contained laser cutting equipment, wood, welding, fabrication, tooling, and machine shops; its CAD equipped engineering department; and its electrical and assembly departments, the company has the capacity to expand its operations into the manufacturing of custom, consumer and specialty products. To diversify the company’s product base and expand sales, Leader is expanding product manufacturing beyond its current divisions to take advantage of its unique production capabilities.