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Tournesol Siteworks, LLC
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  Fax: 510-471-6243


Tournesol Siteworks, LLC
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FairWeather Clearance Products

All items are new and ready to ship in 2-3 business days unless they need to be powder coated.
All prices are F.O.B. our factory. Frieght charges will be an additional cost. May not be combined with any other offer.
Images are for conceptual purposes only. Details and length may not be exactly the same.

Subject to change.

List of Clearance Products
Model Number Description Length Color Wholesale Price Discounted Price Quantity Available Note: Add Shipping
CY-1 Perforated Steel Bench 6 foot Sky White $671.00 $403.00 2 each Plus Shipping
PL-3 Steel Strap Bench with Back 4 foot none * $957.00 $670.00 2 each Plus Shipping
PL-3 Steel Strap Bench with Back 6 foot Silvadillo $1,272.00 $890.00 1 each Plus Shipping
CA-2 Bench with extra long SM Plate, Ipe 6 foot Semi Gloss Black $1,656.00 $1,159.00 2 each Plus Shipping
F-4 Picnic Table w/4 Seats, 4" X 4" Slats,
Permanent Embed
48" Square Semi Gloss Black/
Grey Plastic Slats
$2,880.00 $2,016.00 1 each Plus Shipping
TR-2 Tapered Receptacle w/Spun Dome Top, Ipe 28" Dia. Semi Gloss Black $1,308.00 $916.00 1 each Plus Shipping
TR-4 Steel Strap Receptacle, No Top Galv Steel Liner Evergreen $725.00 $435.00 2 each Plus Shipping
TR-12 Steel Strap Receptacle w/Spun Flat Top Galv Steel Liner
Semi Gloss Black $1,010.00 $606.00 1 each Plus Shipping
BR-1.5 Three Loop Bike Rack, Surface Mount 38" Red $464.00 $325.00 1 each Plus Shipping
BR-1.7 Five Loop Bike Rack, Permanent Embed 61-3/4" Gloss Black $487.00 $341.00 1 each Plus Shipping

Please call: 800-323-1798 for more details
*powder fee may apply
** while quantities last